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We work with you to develop your IT software capability to fully optimise your business.

At Outrun, we want to make a positive difference to your business by assisting you implement creative software solutions. Think of highly functional spreadsheets, bespoke desktop applications linked to databases, which in turn feed data to mobile applications. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, with automated SMS and email campaigns, and much more.

Explore below how we might help your business.

Mobile applications

Your office is no longer a physical location: it is out on the road, at a client’s headquarters, and wherever your business takes you.

Deliver the data from your database, desktop application or CRM into a mobile app to provide you with immediate and easy access to information about your clients and vital business information.

We’ve been building React and Meteor based applications for more than 5 years.


Information is the foundation of your business and we have been helping small businesses and major corporations implement database solutions since 1987.

We have substantial experience in SQL Server, MySQL and Mongo DB.


Web content is king and we can assist you in exploring and defining the core values of your business. This is critical if you want your website to represent what you stand for, your unique selling proposition and why you are different from your competitors

Our team of Web and Graphic Designers, Photographers and Copywriters know exactly how to connect, engage and retain customers through carefully crafted words and compelling visuals. Let us help you reach and inspire your audience.

We have developed and continue to host more than 40 major clients websites.

Desktop applications

Software needs to solve problems and when you consider speed of development, security, price and connectivity to Microsoft Office, desktop applications still provide a compelling business case and an excellent solution.

We’ve been building .NET desktop applications for decades and can rapidly develop compelling solutions to your business problems.

SMS communication

Need to send 100 or 10,000 text messages full of complicated data in a matter of minutes? We’ve been specialising in bulk SMS with the bells and whistles since 2007.

Our text messaging service has the ability to swap gateways as needed without loss of service, ensuring that you get the best value for money.

Our CRM’s also have rule-based text messaging means you don’t have to maintain lists.

In summary, if your business relies on message data being 100% accurate, 100% of the time, and you want to save time and money, you should talk to us.

Think we might have what it takes?

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