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Viterra case study

"How can we connect with our customers?"

Client background

Viterra provides a storage and handling network for grain growers across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. It is essential for Viterra to communicate with growers and carriers in a timely manner, especially during harvest when the logistics of delivering truckloads of grain into busy Viterra sites is critical for growers.


Sending SMS’s to thousands of contacts accurately and in a timely manner is one goal; managing dozens of lists efficiently is quite another, especially when a contact may be on multiple lists. Managing SPAM requests is essential nowadays for businesses both small and very large. The client had tried a number of online SMS facilities, but a combination of relatively expensive SMS pricing, inconsistent message delivery and ineffective use of staff time that was required to maintain contacts on multiple lists generated a desire for a much better solution.

What we did about it

We created a bespoke Customer Management System using .NET and SQL Server to allow Viterra’s Grower Services team to efficiently manage upwards of 10,000 contacts. The CMS has an integrated SMS/Email/Fax functionality which allows Viterra to send hundreds of customised messages to its growers and carriers, communicating when opening hours are being adjusted, when there are changes to segregations and a host of other time-critical information.

Customer feedback

We’ve been using Outrun’s SMS solution since 2007, and overall of these years, Rob has provided a stable product that gives us the confidence that large volumes of SMSs are being sent accurately and in a timely manner. Outrun has consistently provided a high level of service, they are quick to resolve any issue and constructive when discussing new ideas.

Todd Standford, Grower Services Manager
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