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Freight Partners case study

"There has to be a better way?"

Client background

With more than 20 years experience in interstate and international freight, Freight Partners is a proudly owned family business. Freight Partners have access to more than 20 different transport companies to guarantee their clients a fast and efficient freight service. Their client testimonials have consistent and repeating theme: “a real revelation in freight management”, “customer service is excellent”, “professional and pro-active”, “they just make it happen”.

What we did about it

The solution ended up being a “software robot”, or more precisely a style of automation where a computer mimics a human’s action in completing rules-based tasks. Specifically, logging onto carrier websites and interacting with the user interfaces to obtain client data.

Customer feedback

Outrun’s capacity to quickly understand our business, and the process used to assist us to define and clarify the root issues was illuminating. The solution was ingenious. Outrun’s service has opened our eyes to a whole new way of thinking about IT and the possibilities that exist for our company moving forward. We couldn’t be happier

Stephen Wyles – Director
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