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Centre State Exports case study

"Who can I trust with my business IT direction?"

Client background

Centre State Exports (CSE) have been marketing grain for over 25 years, and have built an enviable reputation with growers for always delivering on promises and paying on time. Grain marketing is complex, and to stay competitive in an environment increasingly dominated by global competitors, CSE must consistently invest in their IT strategy. Finding someone to help guide your long-term business direction is not always straightforward, and trust takes time to develop.

We first started working with CSE in 2008 and instantly valued their commitment and dedication to working for the long term success of growers, buyers and the South Australian grain industry. Both our organisations believe in “no hiding and no excuses, just honest and direct discussion”.


CSE were keen to optimise a challenging and complex set of business processes relating to the buying and selling of grain. They wished to streamline their internal processes end to end, drive efficiency, and most importantly end up with software solutions that were far improved on where they had started.

What we did about it

CSE now have a bespoke Customer Management System to allow them to interact with their customers in an effective and efficient manner and to facilitate daily marketing communication via email and SMS.

Connected to the CMS is a complex suite of Trading applications which provide essential visibility of key metrics, allowing CSE to manage their trading of high $ value commodities.

Finally, a comprehensive suite of Excel applications, with extensive use of macros, both increases accuracy and minimises time staff spend on critical business processes and mundane repetitive tasks, allowing staff to spend time talking to their customers.

Customer feedback

As our business has evolved we have had to develop systems to streamline critical daily activity. Rob’s technical know-how combined with his practical and logical approach has made this process much easier than it otherwise could have been.

Paul Lange – Grower Services Manager
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