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Arrow Trolley Management

"Our business is really complex, how can we increase productivity?"

Client background

Arrow Management are in the unglamorous field of managing the collection of trolleys at many supermarkets all around Australia. This is an extremely competitive field, with the big supermarkets consistently applying pricing pressure.


Arrow have contracts with a large number of sub contractors who in turn employ sub contractors who collect the trolleys. Arrow wished to investigate how IT could solve complex logistical problems to increase productivity. With Fair Trade Australia applying pressure to Coles Supermarket, Arrow also wished to stand out from the crowd by being the market leaders in an industry that employs migrant workers. We liked Arrow because they wanted to make the world just a little better.

What we did about it

Initially, we developed a cloud application using Meteor to simplify and expedite the process of rostering staff across multiple sites across multiple states. The application ensures that trolley collectors are being correctly paid for the hours they work. All payslips can now be audited by Arrow and Arrow’s supermarket clients. The application also streamlines Arrow’s sub-contractors businesses.

Then we created a Trolley Collection app for both the iTunes and Android platforms to assist in the collection of rogue trolleys that have made their way around our suburbs. It has a similar look and feel to the Uber Taxi app, but with additional photo capturing functionality and a form of gamification to add a bit of fun for the trolley reporters and the trolley collectors.

Customer feedback

Outrun has been able to capture the complexities and nuances of our business and then strategically guide us. They presented a range of possibilities and each one that’s been implemented has significantly impacted how we now operate. I highly recommend their services.

David Allan – Director
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