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What we do

Outrun Software specialises in delivering custom software solutions across a diverse range of industries including primary producers, financial services and health care, to name a few.

Rob Gordon (founder) project manages a group of accomplished IT experts and together we design, architect and then implement creative software solutions based on hard won business knowledge and analysis.

We operate with ingenuity and a real care for your business.

Welcome to Outrun Software, we look forward to assisting your organisation!

Rob Dan

What makes us different

We are actually in the communication business, as we can only deliver optimal solutions when we truly understand the problems or opportunities your businesses faces. So you'll find that we listen carefully to your situation and requirements, and we ask pertinent questions.

We’re told we’re pretty good in the creative thinking department, and we excel at devising simple solutions to solve complex problems.

Since 2007 we have been delivering no nonsense, cutting-edge software implementations.

Rob Gordon

Rob Gordon

Rob has over 35 years experience writing software and managing full-scale teams for companies such as American Express, Shell, and large international trading firms.

Software development is an art and requires a diverse set of skills and Outrun Software has access to a multitude of extremely talented and passionate professionals.

Outrun Software is now in it's 13th year of operation and every single original customer are still clients today; perhaps because we're easy to deal with, we keep our promises and we deliver outstanding business results.

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